New! Wine and Beer Gift Baskets are here!

We know that you love to send gifts of wine and beer for special occasions.  We're excited to announce that we now have these sought after gift baskets in stock for your enjoyment, all with free shipping! We've hired a team in the Midwest (AZ) to help us fulfill gift basket orders. This means we can now ship wine and beer gifts to your colleagues, friends and loved ones nationwide! The new team is fully licensed to ship wine and beer gifts.  We are still unable to do this from the DC area due to local laws.

This is big news for us, because it means we'll have a greater selection of fabulous gifts, as well as the ability to warehouse more products so that you can always find what you're looking for—and shipping is still free!

All of our gifts are still made one at a time by hand. And they'll always be that way. We don't want to compromise on quality just because we want to offer an even bigger selection of gifts.

So when you see our products, know that shipping is included—and that's really great news! Our goal has always been to make sure you get exactly what you want without any hassle or extra cost. And with this new system, we think we'll be able to do just that.

If there's anything else we can help with (or if you just want to tell us how excited you are about this!), please contact us at

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